Meet Dan Feltes

Dan serves as a State Senator for New Hampshire Senate District 15, representing the wonderful communities of Concord, Henniker, Hopkinton and Warner.  Dan is guided by the fundamental belief that in order to move New Hampshire forward, we cannot afford to leave anyone behind.

Before serving in the State Senate, Dan worked for the better part of a decade as a public interest attorney for New Hampshire Legal Assistance, representing for low-to- middle  people &dan-photo-pond families, senior citizens, victims of domestic violence, and veterans. In addition to advocating in court, Dan did community organizing and policy advocacy.  For four years he led the Housing Justice Project, overseeing the staff, grants, and legal work on housing access issues, including fighting housing discrimination and stopping foreclosures by big banks. In 2013, Dan received the NH Bar Foundation’s  Robert E. Kirby award which is presented to “New Hampshire attorneys 35 or younger who exhibit exceptional skill, civility and professionalism.”  Dan has a law degree from the University of Iowa, and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University, focusing on economics and energy regulation.

In his first term in the State Senate, Dan received numerous awards for his bipartisan work on critical issues facing Granite Staters. Dan was named an Early Learning Champion in both 2015 and 2016 by Early Learning NH, for kc-award-2his bipartisan work on early childhood education, including full-day kindergarten. Dan received Legislator of the Year awards in 2015 from the NH Homebuilders, and in 2016 from Housing Action NH, from Ski New Hampshire, and from New Futures, with the latter awarded for his bipartisan work combatting the heroin and opioid public health crisis, including streamlining access to insurance coverage for critical drug treatment. In 2016, Dan was also the prime sponsor of bipartisan legislation making New Hampshire the second state to guarantee working families a right to request workplace flexibility.  And, in 2016, Dan received the first ever Kennedy-Clinton award from the NH Democratic Party.

Dan and his wife Erin live in the South End of Concord with their dogs Franklin and Roosevelt (a.k.a Rosie). Erin and Dan both grew up in working class families. Dan’s dad worked at the samdan-and-erine furniture factory for his entire adult life. Dan’s mom worked part-time jobs while raising four kids. Erin’s mom worked in human resources most of her life, and Erin’s dad worked in a washing machine factory for most of his life until the factory went to Mexico.

Their parents worked hard to provide them the opportunity for a great life. With their help, both Dan and Erin were able to go to college and get advanced degrees.  In part because of their working class upbringing, both Dan and Erin believe it is critically important to work to expand opportunity for everyone, not just the elite or well-connected few, but everyone.

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