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Dan grew up in a working class family, his father worked in a furniture factory for his entire adult life and his mom held down part time jobs and worked nights while raising four kids.

His parents fought hard to provide Dan and his siblings the opportunities to live a good life. The values instilled in him by his parents–hard work, honesty, integrity and looking out for people who are left out and left behind have motivated him his entire life.

Dan worked his way through college and law school, taking out loans that he is still repaying to this day. When Dan graduated law school he turned down offers at large corporate law firms to work at New Hampshire Legal Assistance, doing what Dan does best–fighting for people who have no one in their corner. Dan represented low-middle income Granite State families, seniors, veterans, and victims of domestic violence, often up against big bureaucracy and big corporations. Taking on fights for working people in the courtrooms, he realized that all too often, the laws weren’t written with working families in mind. Too many of them were written behind closed doors to protect big corporations and the well-connected, not working people.

Dan decided to run for State Senate to tackle this problem head on–to write laws that help working families and put Granite Staters first.

As a State Senator, Dan worked across the aisle to expand access to health care for 50,000 Granite Staters, protect people with pre-existing conditions, invest in renewable energy, and establish the toughest drinking water standards in the country.

Dan worked across the aisle where he could, however, too often progress was blocked. Critical laws designed to help working families like paid family and medical leave, job training, and expanded access to substance use disorder treatment were vetoed by an out of touch Governor who does not understand what the working families of this state are going through.

With the encouragement and support of his wife Erin, an education attorney with a working-class background, Dan decided to run for Governor. Dan is running for Governor to fight for all Granite Staters; to make health care more affordable, ensure working people earn a living wage, and to strengthen our local public schools. Dan will look at every issue through the lens of what it means for everyday working families — like the one he grew up in and the ones he represented at New Hampshire Legal Assistance.

Dan lives in Concord with his wife Erin and his daughters Josie and Iris. He earned his law degree from the University of Iowa, and his master’s degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University, focusing on economics and energy regulation.

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Dan Feltes for Governor